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Não Sou Rita is my ceramic brand. My name is Joana Nogueira and I'm a visual artist.

There is a small painting at home that I painted in oil with my mother when I was 5 years old. I never had any doubts that my life would revolve around the arts.

I had the luck to be born and raised in Moledo do Minho, and when I think of my childhood, the Bola da Nívea and the smell of seaweed are always present. I left Moledo at the age of 17 to study Fine Arts in Caldas da Rainha (ESAD.CR), I studied in Venice Academy of Fine Arts (Italy) as an Erasmus student and later did my Master's in Animation and Illustration (IPCA).

Amidst the comings and goings of life, I chose Porto to live, where I have my ceramic workshop and the sea next door.

I am a stop-motion animated film director and ceramist, I do illustration and set design, and through the intricacies of creation I dedicate much of my time to teaching what I think I know how to do.

Knowing that my ceramics and my films travel the world makes me feel very good, hearing people laugh when they look at my characters is my purpose. And knowing that you are reading this text fills me with joy: this website is the gateway to one of my most special places, to which I dedicate a lot of my time and that only grows thanks to those who, like you, visit it.


Who is talking about me?

You can find more information about my work in several publications,
interviews and news about animation films, daily-life blogs and art publications.
These are some of the places you can explore to learn more aboutmy professional journey in ceramics and animation.

CURATED PORTO | P3 | Animateca | O primeiro limão | Gerador | NIP

You can also watch some of my short-films
published on platforms like RTP PLAY


I'm going to tell you about the key moments
that have shaped my professional career to date

Teacher of Arts and Audiovisual in High School | 2009-2011
Short-Film Co-Director 'Pronto, era assim' | 
Academia RTP 3.0 | 2014-2015
Producer | Casa da Animação - Cultural Association | 2016-2017
Starting my ceramic journey | Oficina Brâmica | 2016-2020 
Member of direction | Casa da Animação - Cultural Association | 2018-2021
Art Direction for Puppets Theatre | O meu avô consegue voar - Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora | 2019-2020
Ceramics, Stop-Motion Animation and Puppets making Educator| since 2017
Short-Film Co-Director 'EP07-Ornitorrincos' 
| CRIAS SERIE | 2019
Art Educator - Sculpture and Painting | Atelier João Pedro Rodrigues | 2016-2019
Guest Teacher in IPCA | Vídeo | 2019-2020
Terra Boa - Ceramic Studio Owner | Porto | since 2020
Director of construction for stop-motion shorts | Animais Avlp | 2020-2022 
Short-Film Co-Director 'Três Vírgula Catorze' | Animais Avlp | 2024